Pink Stone maintains a passionate, active presence in the field of contemporary art. Pink Stone’s world-class art program was spurred by Richard Ohebshalom’s deep connection to the creative mastery of the artists comprising Pink Stone’s portfolio, and his conviction that art has the power to enhance and enrich our properties and our engagement with the communities in which we operate. This approach has cultivated a deep, positive relationship with a variety of unique, interesting partners at the intersection of real estate, art, technology, design and culture. Ohebshalom believes that we are all artists, and are at our best when we embrace our creative powers in coloring our work across all of Pink Stone’s verticals.

Pink Stone has used its influence at this cultural intersection to create Pink Stone Foundation, a platform meant to inspire and advise the next generation of creatives and artists. We’re able to impart this influence by purchasing blue chip and emerging artworks in primary markets, and showcasing our 250+ contemporary works at institutions such as the Montreal Museum of Fine Art, and at the buildings within our real estate portfolio. Listed below are some of the artists proudly featured in our collection.

Pink Stone also provides customized loans secured by high-quality artworks, allowing participants in the art market to unlock the value held within their collections.

For inquiries into our lending program, please contact artlending@pinkstonecapital.com.

For inquiries into our art program, please contact art@pinkstonecapital.com.

Contemporary Collection

Richard Hambleton
Jack Whitten
Nicolas Party
Barkley Hendricks
Henry Taylor
Ruth Asawa
Jacqueline Humphries
Amy Sillman
Kerry James Marshall
McAuther Binion
Samford Biggers
Stanley Whitney
Robert Colscott
Loui Hollowell
David Hockney
George Condo
Jenny Holzer
Cy Twombly
Cady Noland
Mike Kelly
Mel Bochner
Ed Ruscha
Rob Ryman
Sean Scully
David Wsjnarowzik
Sherrie Levine
Robert Grober
Morris Louis
Barnett Newman
David Salle
Donald Moffet
Emily Mae Smith
Alexander Calder
Kerry Marshall
Lynette Boake
Avery Singer
Harold Ancart
Josh Smith
Marlene Dumas
Cory Arcangel
Rudolph Stingel
Mark Grojthan
Jonas Wood
David Hammonds
K Marshal
Laura Owens
Kara Walker
Evan Holloway
Gina Beavers
Lee Ufan
Rafa Silvares
Toyin Odutola
Titus Kaphur
Tunji Adenija Jones
Vojtech Kovarik
Walter Price
Yoshitomo Nara
Edgar Plans
Rafa Macaron
Lucy Bull
Lauren Quinn
Derek Fordijour
Hillary Pecics
Ivy Halderman
Space Invador
Julie Durtiss
Louis Hollowell
Cinga Samson
Salman Tooor
Mathew Wong
Jade Fadojutimi
Avery Singer
Christopher Wool
Richard Prince
Donald Judd
Mark Rothko
Cecile Brown
Ansel Adams

NFT Collection

World of Women
Sup Ducks
Bored Apes
Chromie Squiggles
Crypto Toadz
Tom Sachs Rockets
Various prolific Generative and NFT artists


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